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We take pride in our work knowing that from the moment we enter your office, house, shop or any type of place, we as a team we give you the best possible service available. All of which would be carried out with full consideration to health and safety, as this is top of our list of priorities.

Luckily today we have such a vast choice of units to suit all applications, for every design that we carry out or even if there is a specific design that you as the client would prefer to put forward. With all designs we only ever use the top of the market ranges in air conditioning, giving you the very best in quality and unit efficiency.

You can choose from many different types of unit such as wall mounted, floor standing, cassette types, ceiling suspended, all of which are visible to the eye within the room they are installed. If you have the right surroundings and would prefer to hide the units, you can choose from many different size ducted units. You also have the choice of a heat pump unit, which basically heats as well as cools, this is a very efficient and fast way of heating your property, compared to other methods of heating.

We also have designed and installed many projects for residential properties, which are becoming easier to manage, with the extensive range of equipment that is now on offer.

The benefits of air conditioning

Air Conditioning gives you a very comfortable working condition and allows you total control over your environment. You will find that staff working in an air conditioned environment, have a productivity rate that increases by up to 20%. Customers shopping for clothes or eating in restaurants etc, tend to stay longer when they are in a comfortable environment and are more likely to return to give you there custom again.

Why choose CCI?

Quality of service is how we start all of our new projects, from when we first arrive to survey the site, right the way through to completion. But it doesn’t end there, our after sales team are always just at the end of the line waiting for any questions you may have to ask. We are always concentrating on making sure that you have as much involvement in the project as possible, giving us the ideas to help design the right application for your needs.

The majority of our work comes from recommendation from the vast number of clients that we have helped in the past, with there offices, shops, laboratories, classrooms, surgeries, homes and many other different types of properties.

Please contact us for further information on all of our services and products.

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